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Real Survivors: Soldiers Training For the Navy Seals

You may be familiar with the premise of the TV series Survivor: A group of average people put on an remote island to survive on the talents and wits. Nothing any of those people ever did for the sake of winning a grand prize on a TV show, however, could prepare them to survive Navy Seals training, based on this interesting video that documents the physical and mental endurance a special group of soldiers needs to graduate.

The video describes many of the harrowing obstacles a group of 83 soldiers endured during a six-month training to become Navy Seals, culminating in Hell Week, a week-long simulation of what it's like to think, move and survive while bullets and bombs are flying around their heads.

Considering the toll injuries and illness alone take on their bodies, not to mention all the stressors, it's amazing as many soldiers finish Navy Seals training at all. But some manage to survive anyway, just like that trio of runners I told you about who ran the equivalent of two marathons a day for nearly four months.