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Con-ventional Medicine is Becoming Aware of Mercury in Fish

Apparently, the brighter lights of con-ventional medicine are beginning to notice and appreciate the toxicity of fish, thanks to a report that advises a worldwide health warning about the dangers of eating seafood contaminated by the heavy metal, mercury.

Among the greatest at-risk patients are pregnant moms and the children they carry who may be harmed by that potent neurotoxin. When mercury is added to the environment -- for example, as a trace contaminant of burning coal as well as, vaccines and consumer goods. As mercury infiltrates our environment, it changes (the result of bacterial action) into methylmercury, a substance that bio-accumulates in fish and easily moves up the food chain.

Even with tougher mercury standards in America, Europe and Canada in place, mercury concentrations haven't abated, largely because emissions generated in developing countries have picked up over the past three decades. One scary factoid: There's three times more mercury pollution today than there was 200 years ago before the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution.

If you remain at all skeptical about the harm mercury-laden fish can have on your health, you'll want to review Got's online calculator to help you make an informed decision about the safety of the foods you eat.

By the way, the best way to enjoy the benefits of fish without the toxins: Take a high quality krill oil or fish oil daily.

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Globe and Mail March 8, 2007