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The 30 Weirdest Ways People Have Died

You may recall a Discover piece I posted last fall about the many facts of death everyone needs to know, including an alarming one that 80 percent of all Americans eventually die in a hospital.

This story from Neatorama takes a decidedly different and more acerbic direction, listing some of the strangest ways people have died in history. What follows are a few of the weirder ways people have met their demise, then hit the link below for the entire list.

  • Slipping on an orange peel.
  • Buried in garbage.
  • Hit by a robot.
  • Pushed off a cliff by a flock of hungry sheep.
  • Growing too long of a beard.

By the way, you probably won't be surprised to learn that a few deaths were related to poor eating habits, prescription drugs or both.

Neatorama March 12, 2007