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A New Meaning for Dark Matter?

Even though conclusive evidence proves dark matter does exist, it hasn't been quite the boon to cosmologists and physicists as you might expect.

In fact, the revelation has given pause to more than a few scientists about a universe that's surprisingly much more complex than they ever realized.

One in which about 4 percent is made of the kind of matter our world, the countless galaxies beyond it and ourselves are made of. The rest, scientists believe, is dark, as in unknowable now and perhaps forever.

This could mean what you see in the clear night sky is merely an infinitesimal part of the entire universe and that we're nowhere near the center of it. Perhaps, it's another indication that attempting to apply conventional wisdom -- as modern medicine so often erroneously does to health -- is just as faulty.

New York Times March 11, 2007 Registration Required

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