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Buy a Big Mac, Get an Antibiotic at No Charge!

Talk about finding truths in strange places. I suspect you'll laugh (but a bit nervously) after reading this parody from The Onion about children receiving their "healthy dose" of antibiotics from the meats served at McDonald's, Wendy's or Burger King.

With a wink to all the antibiotics present in much of the fast foods Americans eat, luminaries like former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson "recommend" a Quarter-Pounder or Chicken McNuggets, chock full of amoxicillin and growth hormones to "cure" a strep throat and speed up a child's physical development.

The Onion

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

This parody smartly mixes fact with fiction to make you think about the hidden impact of the deep-fried processed foods you eat every day on your health.

The truth about the effect of antibiotics on the food chain and your health -- leading to hospital infections in some cases -- is far more sobering and harmful, however.

Remember that organic, antibiotic-free meats are actually less contaminated with bacteria, and are also free from pesticides and hormones. The animals are also raised more humanely.

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