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Texas House Strikes Down Governor's HPV Mandate

As the Texas legislature mobilizes to erase Gov. Rick Perry's ridiculous mandate to order teenage girls to be inoculated with the useless human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil, other states are just keen about approving it with exceptions, and one state assembly is having second thoughts about it.

The Texas House overwhelmingly approved a bill that would overturn the vaccine mandate and backers are hoping for a fast-track go-ahead in the Senate so the bill would reach Perry's desk by the end of April. Expecting a veto by the governor, the legislature would have a month before its current session ends to override it.

The news isn't so good in New Mexico and Virginia, however. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will join soon join Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine in signing bills approved by their state legislature to require sixth-grade girls be vaccinated for HPV. There is a silver lining in all this: Both state measures provide an opt-out clause for parents and, if they choose not to vaccinate their girls, they won't be kept out of school.

On the left coast, interest in a Gardasil mandate in California is waning amid smart skepticism about its true value and a provision that would prohibit seventh-grade girls from attending state schools if they weren't vaccinated. No doubt, a factor that contributed to the decline in interest: The lead sponsor removed her name from the bill, citing ownership of Merck stock and the new author told reporters he wouldn't return campaign donations he received from the New Jersey drugmaker a year ago...

The history behind Gardasil and all the rush to approve it seems to be finally catching up with Merck, especially with news about various side effects, including infertility.

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