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Those Ambien Side Effects Aren't Amusing to the FDA Any More

News reports began cropping up about a year ago regarding some of the strangest side effects associated with the useless drug Ambien, including nocturnal eating and driving.

The FDA finally got the message about those side effects yesterday, mandating new warnings on Ambien and 12 other drugs about complex behaviors like the previously listed ones along with potentially fatal allergic reactions and severe head swelling. (By the way, both of the later side effects can occur anytime after taking a sleep drug).Some of the other drugs affect by these more cautionary warnings:

Makes you wonder how much the agency really downplayed the true number of Ambien-stoked episodes like talking on the phone or making love in the first place, considering more Americans are using sleeping pills than ever before. Better to skip the sleep drugs and optimize your health by reviewing some of the proven solutions found in my 29 Secrets to a Good Night's Sleep manual.

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