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Conventional Medicine Manipulates Nature to Create Most New Drugs

Just as agribusiness interests like Monsanto manipulate and ruin nature for the almighty buck, it shouldn't surprise you to learn 70 percent of the new drugs created over the past 25 years for all diseases were derived from or similar to chemicals in nature.

Of the nearly 1,200 drugs scientists reviewed that were created from 1981-2006, less than a third involved synthetic materials. And, researchers believe there's a "treasure trove" of small molecules, including many from our seas, conventional medicine has yet to plunder for financial gain.

So, wouldn't it be much better to just use the real thing -- meaning food-based treatments -- than expensive imitations that can empty your pocketbooks and come with potentially toxic side effects?

Consider, for example, all the good curcumin, the natural chemical found in the curry spice turmeric, can do to boost your brain power and prevent and treat prostate cancer.

Besides, avoiding drugs for more natural, safer treatments means you're taking better ownership of your own health, often meaning better outcomes too.

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