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Obesity Worsens Mortality Prognosis for Prostate Cancer

The link between obesity and prostate cancer just got stronger, as the epidemic that shows no signs of slowing can increase a man's risk of death exponentially, according to a new study.

Researchers tracked the health of some 750 middle-aged men and prostate cancer patients living in the Seattle area for a decade. At the start of the study, 17 percent of patients had BMIs higher than 29, a signpost for obesity. Over the decade-long research period, 114 men died, including 50 from prostate cancer.

Despite treatment, disease grade or disease stage, the risk of death among obese men at the time of diagnosis increased by 2.6-fold, as compared to men who maintained a healthier weight. Even worse, obese men who were diagnosed with cancer confined to the prostate or that which had spread to surrounding tissues faced a 3.6-fold increase in the probability cancer had spread to other organs.

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