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Microwave Alternative to Quickly Defrosting Frozen Food

At one time or another, we've all had very good intentions to defrost something the night before, only to completely forget until it's too late to defrost something, at least without using a microwave. Or so you think!

Well, I've discovered this fantastic tip to enable you to defrost something very quickly and without using any heat. Wonderful.

Basically, all you'll need is:

  • The "subject" of your defrosting, frozen either in a plastic container, butcher paper or a plastic bag of some kind
  • A plastic grocery-store bag
  • Room-temperature water in a bowl or side section of the sink

Then, simply do as follows:

  • Fill up your bowl or sink section with room-temperature water.
  • Place wrapped, frozen food inside of a supermarket-type plastic bag, just so juices don't get everywhere.
  • Knot grocery bag tightly to seal.
  • Place item in room-temperature water.
  • If food is in sealed Ziplock-type, plastic container, put directly into water.
  • After 1 hour, change water, which has gotten quite cold, to new, room-temperature water.
  • In a couple of hours or less, food is defrosted.

So, there you go! What a great tip for defrosting something very quickly when you're in a pinch. Microwave ovens? Who needs 'em?!