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The Real Waste of Unused Flu Vaccines

Close to 10 percent of some 110 million vaccines produced for the most recent flu season in America will be discarded when their expiration dates arrive on June 30, a date set by the FDA that has far less to do with the vaccine's shelf life than patients potentially being treated with an older, less effective drug.

This waste is incredible and costly, which is why much of this Associated Press story questions why older vaccines aren't kept around longer, considering most of them would remain stable for a year or two, while others may be effective for up to four years.

The "elephant in the room" nobody is talking about: The potential payoff for big bucks that has more suppliers than ever lining up to produce new vaccines that do absolutely nothing for your health, and can do a great deal to harm it every year.

Because clinics have lost as much as $20,000 each season (about $10 per dose), some have stopped stocking vaccines. And, even though Georgia received less than half of their order for flu shots by Nov. 1, the state expects to more waste taxpayer dollars on thousands of harmful vaccines left unused.

More people are coming to the realization that the need for a flu shot has been greatly exaggerated by the powers that be, namely the paragons of conventional medicine in collusion with the mega-drug companies.

You can stay away from useless, harmful flu vaccines for good by following my six guidelines for preventing and fighting it safely and naturally.

Yahoo News March 20, 2007