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Drug Companies Extend Their Corruption Into China

I'm very surprised Merck, the pharmaceutical giant that brought us the deadly painkiller Vioxx and the useless vaccine Gardasil, publicly honored a Chinese R&D firm, WuXi PharmaTech with an award for outsourcing.

Evidently, WuXi PharmaTech, one of 12 companies selected for such an honor, has become popular among the mega-drugmakers, as the Chinese firm also has lucrative deals in place with Novartis and AstraZeneca.

Hard to imagine such news is good for anybody, considering the rogue drugmaker -- already on the hot seat for at least 60,000 deaths in America thanks to its heart-stopping Vioxx -- is outsourcing to a country rife with bribery and corruption so deep and institutionalized that it permits the harvesting of human organs from prison inmates.

Would you trust a drugmaker working with China, a place where common laws against humanity can't be litigated? All the more reason to stay away from drugs of all kinds, and seek out safer, simpler solutions for your health problems.

Outsourcing-Pharma.com March 21, 2007