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Restaurants That Want to Help Celebrate Your Birthday

If you like gifts without strings attached -- and who doesn't -- you'll want to review this list of restaurants, entertainment venues and other shops in your area that offer anything and everything from free video rentals to car washes and meals to celebrate your birthday.

One important caveat: Stay far away from fried foods chock full of dangerous trans fats and seek out the healthiest choices as often as you can in restaurants. Remember, the problem with eating the right foods has never stemmed from an impaired ability to judge healthy or unhealthy foods.

Merely, it's the desire to make the healthier choice that's most important.

Also remember to let me know when your birthday is so I can also help you celebrate it! We just started a new program that will give you a free gift surprise to help you celebrate your birthday. If you haven't already filled out the form please do so now.

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