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Now They Want to Treat Kids With Statins

The American Heart Association (AHA) now recommends the use of statin drugs for children with high-risk lipid abnormalities when diet and exercise fail to lower their cholesterol.

Several trials in recent years have shown that statin use by children with familial hypercholesterolemia is as safe and effective as in adults.

The AHA suggested that drug therapy be considered in children with an LDL of 190 mg/dL or higher, and also for children with an LDL of 160 mg/dL or higher and risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

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Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Apparently, the perversion of logic connected with the use of statin drugs for all kinds of crazy uses has reached a new low. The conservative American Heart Association now considers statins first-line drug therapy for some kids (for boys age 10 and older and young girls only after they begin the menstrual cycle).

I do not find it particularly heartening that these drugs are as safe for children as they are for adults, considering that they are highly dangerous for adults to begin with.

However, the good news here, unless doctors choose to ignore it, is that the optimal treatment for kids who are battling the epidemic of childhood obesity is still considered to be lifestyle changes, not a statin drug.

If you are one of the people who have been deceived into taking this unnecessary drug, please carefully evaluate the alternatives. Only a few people out of every thousand placed on this drug actually need it, because of a genetic problem, and they typically have cholesterol levels in the 350 range.

Nearly everyone else should stop these dangerous drugs ASAP!! High cholesterol is a symptom -- not a cause -- of disease and is typically related to high insulin levels. Lower your insulin levels by cutting out sugars and lowering your grain intake and increase your insulin sensor receptivity and your cholesterol will "magically" normalize.

Some additional lifestyle changes that your kids can make:

  • Now that the weather is getting warmer in the Northern Hemisphere, it's time to get your child off the couch and take him or her to the playground.
  • Replace those sugary drinks and sodas with clean water.
  • Limit your child's TV time and get it out of their bedroom today!

Also, taking a high-quality fish oil is also a non-toxic and more effective alternative for treating cholesterol than the very problematic Lipitor.

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