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The Insidious Deception of GM Rice in Japan

Taking into account of the repercussions from worldwide experiments on your health known as genetically modified (GM) crops lately, Japanese researchers have found a new means with which to sell these Frankenstein-like foods.

Scientists are developing a strain of GM rice that contains some of the allergy-related chemicals of cedar pollen in hopes of "conquering" hay fever, a common malady affecting some 20 percent of Japanese patients.

Expect the experimentation on our food sources to multiply, particularly in the short-term, according to the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications. The amount of land used to grow biotech crops -- currently more than 50 percent of it is located in the United States -- is projected to double by 2015 to nearly 500 million acres by 2015.

Considering traces of GM rice have already turned up in American shipments to Europe, folks, the genie is indeed out of the bottle. In the meantime, learn how to steer clear of them by following these health-saving tips I posted last year.

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