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Inspirational Love Story

Some of you may be a little young to remember Benjamin Kubelsky, a Chicago native who later grew up to become one of the biggest stars on radio and TV for his time: Jack Benny.

Interestingly, Benny's comedic persona -- that of a self-congratulatory, petty and vain cheapskate -- presented a completely false picture of the real man who was anything but all those things. Benny treasured his friends, gave generously and loved his wife of nearly a half-century, Sayde Marks.

Despite problems in their relationship, as many people have, Benny's devotion to his wife was so strong that soon after he died in late 1974, his widow started receiving one red rose a day, a routine that lasted until her death nine years later.

Even more heart-warming, this gesture had been spelled out long before in his will.

Their story also inspired a beautiful poem by James A. Kisner, included in one of the many inspirational Chicken Soup for the Soul books in 2001. The power of love can be a transformative thing in your life, as Carol Tuttle's 12 ways to improve your relationships and life thoroughly illustrates.

Snopes.com March 25, 2007

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