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The Sordid History of Monsanto Poisoning Your Milk

Over 20 years ago, experimental recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) dairy products made by Monsanto were sold illegally to students, staff, faculty, and patients at the University of Wisconsin.

At the time, Dr. David Kronfeld showed that much of the published research on rBGH was fraudulent. He was ridiculed by the drug companies, and he was ultimately demoted and his career nearly destroyed. The passage of time, however, has proven him correct.

For two decades, consumer groups have worked to expose the dangers of rBGH to the public. A recent breakthrough came with the May 2006 discovery that expectant U.S. mothers who consumed rBGH milk experienced problems as a result of elevated levels of Insulin-Like Growth Factor One, which has been linked to cancer.

A year later, California Dairy Inc. (CDI) announced that it would be going rBGH-free as of August 1, 2007 as a result of "consumer demand." CDI processes 45 percent of California's milk. Other dairy companies, and a number of large grocery store and restaurant chains, have also rejected rBGH.

On February 20, 2007 a petition was submitted to the FDA on behalf of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, Family Farm Defenders, and the Organic Consumers Association, requesting a suspension of rBGH approval pending a reevaluation of its human health hazards.

Organic Consumers Association March 18, 2007

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Last fall's wave of dairy companies dropping Monsanto's rBGH, which spurs the production of milk in cows, might have led you to believe the drugging of cows was a fairly recent development. Not so, according to the Family Farm Defenders.

This group has been working for years to expose all the problems associated with bovine growth hormones. And, as you probably expected, many experts who spoke out were slammed, defamed, punished and silenced, just like Dr. Arpad Pusztai was, albeit for his concerns over genetically modified (GM) foods.

As Monsanto's public relations arm has geared up to salvage its product with a smear campaign meant to spread doubts about hormone-free milk, the Defenders, along with other groups, continue to work in the public interest by petitioning the FDA.

Monsanto's genetically modified product may be quite hazardous to your health, and, incidentally, could also account for some of the rise in the births of fraternal twins in America. And, of course, milk made with these unnatural hormones carry no labels warning you that they contain substances that will increase your risk of cancer.

Just a reminder, hormone-free or not, the milk that's best for your health isn't pasteurized and you likely won't find it in your corner grocery store. Raw milk, straight from a local dairy farmer, is your best, healthiest, safest and most nutritious option.

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