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Obesity Underestimates a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

I warned last week you how obesity worsens mortality rates associated with prostate cancer exponentially. This latest study may fill in some gaps as to why men and obesity can be such a deadly combination.

Researchers studied the health of some 1,100 men whose prostates were removed, comparing the aggressiveness of each patient's cancer via a pre-surgery biopsy to a more extensive exam of the actual organ.

Although the initial prognosis by doctors was accurate about 62 percent of the time, the news was worse for 27 percent of patients monitored (nearly 300 men) and better for 11 percent. Throw extra pounds into the mix, however, and the news gets worse.

Forty-four percent of overweight men and 89 percent of obese males were more prone to be diagnosed with a more aggressive form of prostate cancer than was indicated in the original biopsy.

Men can radically improve their chances of ever needing to deal with prostate cancer or any other kind, if they're committed to following my lifestyle recommendations. That said, men must take great care to treat their prostate conditions accurately and properly, as surgery or radiotherapy may not be necessary in some cases.

Urology, Vol. 69, No. 3, March 2007: 495-499

Yahoo News March 27, 2007