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How Not to Get Ripped Off When You Buy a New Car

Before you start looking for a new car in the near or distant future, be sure to review this must-read piece from Autoblog about the "four-square" selling game many salespeople play with their victims/customers.

The car-buying game of four-square is pretty simple.

The salesperson works off a simple worksheet that lists your trade-in vehicle and its value, down payment, price of the new car and monthly payment that enables him or her to generate more profit, a smart assumption your emotions will override your good common sense at the dealership.

This story also lists many smart tips you can use so you can be prepared to save money on your next car purchase. A few to get you started:

  • The only haggling at the dealership should be confined to new car pricing.
  • Set up your credit before going to the dealership.
  • Bring paper and calculator so you can "do the math" for yourself.
  • Consider selling your trade-in vehicle on your own before automatically trading it in on a newer one.

Autoblog April 2, 2007

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