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New Mexico Governor to Veto HPV Requirements

Other states appear to be paying closer attention to the Texas legislature's recent and overwhelming vote to strike down Gov. Rick Perry's executive order to inoculate teenage girls with the useless human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

In an abrupt about-face from previous accounts, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will veto a bill passed by his state's legislature that would've required teenage girls entering the sixth grade later this year to be vaccinated. Richardson believes the HPV vaccine, offered solely for now by Merck, is "promising," yet took the advice of people who believed a vaccine mandate was "premature."

The latter adjective is the more appropriate one here, based on reports of more than 500 cases of side effects related to Gardasil that governmental health officials claim are mostly minor, and not warranting additional safety warnings.

For now, lawmakers in 20 states are considering HPV mandates, but support is eroding due to concerns over vaccine safety and state laws superceding parental rights. Perhaps, people are searching for the truth about useless vaccines like Gardasil and realizing cervical cancer is virtually 100 percent avoidable without one.

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