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The Deception Behind "Organic" Milk

There has been a continuing erosion of organic standards since large corporations started struggling for a share of the market. According to this recent NewsTarget interview with Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Association, the standards for organic milk have been particularly compromised.

Horizon Organic, the company that supplies Wal-Mart, has continually ignored federal organic standards -- specifically, a cow's access to pasture.

Their "organic" milk actually comes from factory-style dairy farms where the animals are kept in intensive confinement and have been imported from conventional farms as calves.

In fact, the problem has gotten so out of hand that the Organic Consumers Association has called for a consumer boycott on Horizon and its partner Aurora Organic, its first for an "organic" product. April 2, 2007

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

I've warned you before about the destruction of organic standards, especially since mega-companies like Wal-Mart and Dean Foods (the parent company of Horizon Organic) have jumped on the organic milk bandwagon. Evidently, the deception regarding organic milk is even worse than you probably ever imagined.

All of the milk from Aurora Organics and most from Horizon is produced by cows that came from factory dairy feedlots and existed on disgusting diets of genetically modified grains, slaughterhouse waste and chicken manure.

The only good news here is that all the attention paid to this organic problem by news outlets and Web sites like mine is forcing the USDA to act. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you should be drinking organic milk anyway, considering it's pasteurized just like all the other conventional varieties of milk found at your corner grocery store.

The real issue is not organic versus non-organic milk, it is raw versus pasteurized.

Secondary issues would be the food source that is given to the cow. Ideally, they should be fed exclusively on grass. When you start giving cows grains, even organic ones, their milk will have lower levels of important nutrients such as conjugated linoleic acid.

Your best bet for your good health is to find a local source for raw milk, which I believe is one of the best foods for most people. If you find this statement unusual then please read my article on the reasons why raw milk is becoming more popular.

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