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Additional Confirmation on the Foolishness of Flu Drugs

Evidence in today's study featured in the new Journal of the American Medical Association reports a higher resistance to Tamiflu and Relenza, two drugs sold by drugmakers and federal health officials as "effective" weapons against the flu, no shock if you've been keeping up with the stories I've written previously.

While tracking the health of nearly 500 children and adults, researchers discovered a rate of resistance to both flu drugs at less than 2 percent in patients with type A influenza, lower than previously reported highs (as much as 18 percent).

What really worried scientists, however, were signs of resistance to Tamiflu and Relenza among patients with type B influenza, a milder strain that causes smaller outbreaks than type A, and, unfortunately, more justification for funding the development of new flu drugs that do nothing for your health.

By the way, the report was financed by the U.S. and Japanese governments and some of the researchers received monies, in part, from a company with an anti-flu drug in development, probably explaining why both nations and drugmakers are interested in keeping the flu scare alive, despite all the negative reports.

You certainly don't need a flu vaccine or drug to strengthen your immune system, if you follow my effective flu protocol.

Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 297, No. 13, April 4, 2007: 1435-1442 Free Full Text Study

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