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How to Easily Remove Dents From Your Car

Getting a simple dent in your car fixed by your friendly neighborhood mechanic or dealership, as you probably know, can be a very expensive proposition.

That is, unless you have a hair dryer and an airduster (that sprays liquid carbon dioxide at -78 degrees Fahrenheit).

You'll be as amazed and surprised as I was to watch how easy it is to fix a simple dent all by yourself with those two simple tools in almost no time at all.

Remember, saving money on practical things is one of the fun and free benefits of reading my blog every weekday.


This video was removed but the link below remains. The video is actually terrific, but we did not realize that Metacafe the site that hosts the video actually advertises soft porn links about 20% of the time this video displays.

Remove Car Dent With Airduster - Click here for funny video clips

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