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Save Free Internet Music Sites Like Pandora

Pandora -- my favorite Web site among the many that provide free streaming music services -- is in some serious trouble. A recent Congressional proposal would raise royalty fees into the stratosphere -- several times higher than terrestrial and satellite radio stations pay -- for Internet-based music companies like Pandora.

If passed into law, the bill would effectively eliminate entitles like Pandora and other public radio stations in the United States that play streaming music on the Internet. For example, any regulation would wipe out Pandora, as it would triple their per-song cost.

Even worse, this regulation comes at a time, Pandora's Tim Westergren says, when musicians have the unprecedented access to audiences they never would've reached via traditional CD sales.

To make your voice known to preserve your free access to music, I strongly encourage you to contact your Congressman soon.

Newsweek April 16, 2007