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How Stress Can Strengthen Cancer Cells in Your Body

The stress hormone epinephrine changes prostate and breast cancer cells in ways that may make them resistant to cell death. This means that emotional stress could both contribute to the development of cancer and reduce the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

Epinephrine levels increase sharply in response to stressful situations, and can remain continuously elevated during long periods of stress or depression.

When cancer cells are exposed to epinephrine, a protein called BAD, which causes cell death, becomes inactive.

An earlier study found that men who take beta blockers, which block the effects of epinephrine, can have an 18 percent lower risk of prostate cancer.

Journal of Biological Chemistry March 12, 2007

EurekAlert April 10, 2007

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

I've devoted a lot of space on my site to studies that prove, without a doubt, the undeniable connection between emotional and physical health. For example, a positive mental attitude can play a vital role in maintaining a healthy heart and delaying the aging process naturally.

And seemingly every day, scientists are learning new reasons why unresolved negative emotions can shorten your life in so many ways. Just as the similar stress hormone norepinephrine does, epinephrine can make your body more susceptible to certain forms of cancer.

These findings have since spurred new research with prostate cancer patients, among others, to determine if the severity of the disease is linked to the level of stress hormones found in their blood.

Stress is a key factor in any illness, and it plays a major role in the health of nearly every one of the more than 20,000 patients I have seen. It's not surprising how stress can harm your body, considering that in a state of depression, your brain can even rewire its own emotional circuitry and destroy nerve cell connections.

But don't even think that taking a drug is a possible solution here. Of course, some drug company would like you to believe that was the case and would be more than willing to market and sell you a drug that can harm your immune system and elevate your diabetes risks.

There are several things you can do to beat stress and negative emotions without risking your health in the process. Learning how to manage your emotions better with the help of an energy psychology tool like the Emotional Freedom Technique does wonders, as can getting the proper therapeutic dose of exercise.

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