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Breastfeeding Healthy For Older Moms Too

Breastfeeding does so many beneficial things for babies and moms, even older ones, according to a new study.

University of Southern California researchers analyzed data collected from the Women's Contraceptive and Reproductive Experiences (CARE) study for women older than age 54, including nearly 1,000 invasive breast cancer patients. The concern: Previous studies had shown women who had multiple children or a child before age 25 enjoyed lower risks of breast cancer.

The good news here, in light of modern women delaying their pregnancies (U.S. Census data estimates women first give birth at age 25), is that breastfeeding confers protection against the estrogen and progesterone receptor positive and negative tumors after age 25 too.

If, for whatever reason, breastfeeding isn't an option for a mother you know, encourage them to stay far, far away from infant soy formulas and send them this link that details an array of healthier alternatives.

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