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How to Make Delicious Flavored Yogurt

Why buy non-healthy versions when you can make your own? Here's a quick and easy way to create a fantastic strawberry-flavored, good-for-you yogurt.

One of the things that I hated giving up when I first started the Metabolic Typing diet was my flavored yogurt. I absolutely love yogurt, particularly strawberry.

I use my all-time favorite yogurt, Greek yogurt, Fage brand, though you can use any type of plain, preferably organic, yogurt you like.

Then what I used for the strawberry flavoring is this fantastic jam, the best I've ever found. It's the St. Dalfour brand, and it's sweetened with grape juice rather than sugar. It's got whole chunks of fruit in it. It's a simple product, with only fruit, pectin to set the jam, and grape juice. Not half bad for ya and fabulous!

All you do is:

  • Pop a couple dollops of yogurt in a serving dish.
  • Mix in one dollop of jam.

There you have it! So yummy! Enjoy!

Dr. Mercola Addendum

I was out of town at a seminar and apologize for not having the time to more carefully screen this video. No question that you should be striving to use RAW milk yogurt which is available legally in California or you could make it yourself.  This is not one of Lucy's better videos, but we are committed to providing better ones in the future.