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Eating an Apple a Day Keeps Asthma Away From Your Baby

Along with getting a healthy amount of sunshine, expectant moms can reduce their unborn child's risk of asthma by eating more apples.

European researchers discovered the connection while tracking the diets of some 2,000 pregnant women and more than 1,250 of their children for five years. Of that group, more than 11 percent were diagnosed with asthma and nearly 13 percent suffered from wheezing over the past year.

Among all the foods listed by expecting moms during their pregnancies, scientists were surprised to learn women who ate more than four apples every week reduced their baby's chances of being diagnosed with asthma by 53 percent and a history of wheezing by 37 percent.

Scientists suspect the benefit of eating an apple a day link between apples and asthma may be the result of enriched phytochemicals, a fact I shared with you five years ago.

One caveat: Apples are among the most pesticide-laden foods you can eat, according to the Environmental Working Group's latest Shoppers' Guide. All the more reason to choose organically grown fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

Additionally, it is important to know that it is likely that most of the benefit of eating apples is likely related to eating the skin, so definitely don't peel the apples. Also, it is not a wise to eat large amounts of apples, as they are loaded with sugar and can increase your insulin levels.

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