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FDA Approves The First Vaccine For the Bird Flu Hoax

The latest sordid chapter in the continuing saga of the bird flu hoax unfolded earlier this week when the FDA officially approved a Sanofi Aventis vaccine as a stopgap measure in the event of a pandemic that's never come, despite all the fear-mongering to the contrary.

The "plan" calls for the federal government to stockpile the SA vaccine in the event of an outbreak, the very same concoction I warned you about that works less than half the time, not to mention it's an option one advisory panel member hoped would never be used.

The two-shot regimen -- given in 90-microgram doses a month apart -- has 12 times the dosage of the typical winter flu shot, an even scarier proposition especially considering the feds want enough to vaccinate 20 million Americans.

Instead of worrying about a pandemic that likely will never come, perhaps Americans should be paying more attention to how the Bush administration plans to fund this ridiculous endeavor. Just a reminder, you have plenty of safer, healthier options at your disposal for fighting the flu, without a vaccine.

If the "experts" try to convince you otherwise, there's plenty of evidence that demonstrates -- beyond a doubt -- why flu drugs and vaccines don't work and can often be fatal. And, please think twice that "missed" flu shot for your child too.

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