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"Experts" Defending the Use of Antidepressants Among Kids

In spite of all the evidence on hand that demonstrates how commonly antidepressants increase a youngster's risk of suicide, a new study in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association cautions against stiffer warnings, arguing the benefits exceed the risks.

The report analyzed data from 27 clinical studies evaluating the use of antidepressants among some 4,400 adolescents and younger children. The lead researcher cited two studies, in particular, to justify his argument: A Medco report that the number of children (under age 19) taking antidepressants had fallen by 13 percent, along with a Pediatrics study that found deaths from suicide among adolescents were rising.

The good news here is that the FDA disagreed with these study findings that take issue with their Black Box warnings regarding antidepressants, flying in the face of the drug-addicted health care paradigm that has scared patients into popping one or more pills a day for the rest of their lives merely to "cure" their chemical imbalance.

And, what about the toxic collision of antidepressants and kids cited in a recent study that found youngsters under such treatments were 1.5 times more likely to attempt suicide and 15 times as prone to die from it. Among the toxic culprits: Effexor and Zoloft.

No one needs a toxic pill to tame their emotions, as safer, more natural options, like learning the Emotional Freedom Technique, the energy psychology tool used daily in my practice, or taking a high quality krill oil daily, are available.

Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 297, No. 15, April 18, 2007: 1683-1696

Yahoo News April 18, 2007