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Breakthroughs Are Exploding -- How Do You Keep Up?

We are getting more and more of everything faster and faster. Did you know that in the United States alone there are 3,000 books published -- EVERY day?

And, a week's worth of NY Times has more information than a person in the 18th century was likely to come across in their LIFETIME.

But Wait, it is Getting Worse

This year we will generate 1.5 exabytes worldwide. 1,000 gigabytes is a terabyte, and those drives are just coming out. 1,000 terabytes is a petabyte and 10,000 petabytes is an exabyte. So that is 1.5 million petabytes.  Interestingly I wrote an article on petabyte drives over four years ago, when no on knew about them, that even today, is number one on Google for the term "petabyte drive"

That is more than in the previous 5,000 years combined.

Information is doubling every two years. When you go to technical school half of what you learn will be outdated by the third year of study.

RSS Feeds -- Your Key to Keeping Up to Date

RSS is an abbreviation of Real Simple Syndication and is a really neat way to have many Web sites give you content. I LOVE these feeds as they allow me to collect -- in ONE place -- about two dozen sites that I regularly visit and go through about 5,000 articles every week.

We post about 15 newsletter stories a week on the site but go through well over 5,000 articles to find those for you. We do the heavy lifting for you and screen thousands of articles every week so you don't have to stay current. And, better yet, I provide my perspective that helps you sift through much of the deception that is typically present in many of the stories.

I have been using these feeds for over five years, but this year they have started to catch on because the new versions of Explorer and Firefox allow you to subscribe to them. I don't use these but rather a stand-alone application, as I find it much easier to use. SharpReader is the RSS news aggregator I use, and you can download it for free on their site.

Once you are set up to receive your feeds there are tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of different feeds you can subscribe to. Search Engine Watch is a fantastic Web site and they did a recent review on different places you can find these feeds.

Of course, Mercola.com has its own RSS feed, and you can simply subscribe by clicking on the button you see below.

How I Started the Site

For the first three years of the site I did not sell anything, but after I had donated $500,000 of my own money to the mission I realized it could not go on much longer without some type of funding.

So I started to sell items to subsidize the mission. However, I only sold items that I would personally use and that provided extraordinary value.

Many may not realize that 10 percent of ALL our profits every year are donated to a non-profit foundation that is designed to facilitate the transformation of the entire health care system that is killing hundreds of thousands of people every year in the United States alone.

By supporting our site and referring it to your friends and relatives you are a major part of the process of changing this seriously flawed model.