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Knowledge as The New Source of Wealth In Today's Economy

As the Dow hit a record last week, this is a very insightful and scholarly essay and the sad state of the U.S. economy and how the Federal Reserve has much responsibility for this problem.

But poverty is a big impediment to getting higher education. The nationwide high school graduation rate peaked in 1970 at 77 percent. It was around 67 percent in 2004… For every 100 young people who begin their freshman year of high school, just 38 eventually enroll in college, and only 18 graduate in a timely manner. This is especially worrisome as the world continues its march toward a knowledge-based economy. America is clearly falling behind.

The unspoken problem lurking in the room: Is this a temporary blip on a chart, or the start of an American trend that will soon crawl up the generational ladder and harm older people as well? Only time will tell.

All the more reason you should make time to watch the documentary, American Freedom to Fascism, that describes the main purpose of the Internal Revenue Service: Not to raise revenues, but to redistribute wealth and control our society, thus place Americans in a role of servitude.

Bull! Not Bull April 26, 2007