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Human Ignorance is Growing

Although many do not like to admit it, human understanding of natural systems is rudimentary at best. Many of our technologies end up interfering with the natural world, sometimes with devastating consequences.

What's more, understanding of these systems may be growing worse with time, not better.

Natural systems are growing more complicated as a result of continuous human interference, so understanding them is becoming more difficult.

For instance, the problem of disappearing amphibians (such as frogs, toads and salamanders) may be caused by many factors including loss of wetland habitat, the stocking of streams with edible sport fish that eat tadpoles, acid rain caused by combustion of fossil fuels, droughts and floods brought on by global warming, and pollutants that mimic estrogen, which may be interfering with their reproductive cycle.

As technology expands, judging its effects becomes more and more difficult. One solution is a precautionary approach, in which effects are examined and carefully weighed before new technologies are implemented.

Rachel's Democracy & Health News #904 April 26, 2007

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

This spot-on editorial from Rachel's Democracy & Health News highlights the many and recent environmental problems we're facing -- from the disappearance of honeybees to still more genetically modified madness -- all of which shows just how little we really know when it comes to tinkering with nature.

Considering the many known issues regarding the polluting of our environment, you might believe that humans are right on top of all the problems.

But in actuality, the greed of multi-national companies willing to do anything to generate profits has ignited a chain of events that are harming our planet in ways no one has ever imagined.

Big business introduces some 1,800 new chemicals every year. Each and every one exerts a different impact on the environment in which we live, making our ability to preserve it that much harder. All the more reason a greater interest in protecting your health from even tiny amounts of environmental toxins and pollutants, and avoiding consuming them in your foods, is appropriate.

Organic, locally grown whole foods are your best option.

I am an avid fan of the of the amazing benefits of technology, especially tech and Moore's Law. But if conscious impartial analysis is precluded, the consequences could be dire.

Nanotechnology could eventually provide cures for cancer, but that will do us little good if unintended consequences destroy our fragile biosphere first. The risks of any new technologies MUST be examined BEFORE they are widely used, as once the genie is out of the bottle it may be too late.

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