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Boost Your Productivity in 33 Time-Saving Ways

Because it never seems like there are enough hours in the day for most of us to finish the work we need to accomplish, I'm constantly on the lookout for new tips to help you increase your productivity.

Steve Pavilna may be one of the more prolific experts I've discovered in recent years with his ingenious ideas for beating the procrastination bug and manifesting intentions.

I have studied personal productivity for some time and have even achieved black-belt status in David Allen's Getting Things Done System. My study of this field has allowed me to appreciate that Steve's list of 33 rules for boosting your productivity is a real gem. There is elegance in brevity and simplicity.

If you follow this extensive list of rules I am confident it will help you make a dent in and even solve certain types of problems -- the kinds that create indecision and sap your time -- then click the link below for the rest.

  • Prepare in advance for the first task you'll be working on tomorrow, at the end of your current workday.
  • Visualize the goals you want to achieve as if they've already been realized.
  • Set deadlines to stay on track with a given project.
  • Develop mini-milestones, smaller targets you need to reach in any project before you stop working.

Steve Pavilina.com May 1, 2007

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