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Fox News Interview Part 2

This video picks up where I left off in my previous commentary on my recent Fox News interview. This continues my commentary on how Fox News used deception to mislead viewers.

Click play on the video to the right to view the video. Alternatively, a written transcript is provided below for those who cannot view videos.

FOX NEWS REPORTER: Yet, all of this hasn't stopped his books from hitting The New York Times Best Seller List. His latest to hit the establishment hard is, The Great Bird Flu Hoax.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Another lie. I told this reporter that my latest book was "Sweet Deception"; it was a better book. But did they focus on that? No. They focused on "The Bird Flu Hoax" because it would be more controversial.

FOX NEWS REPORTER: Do you enjoy that role?

DR. MERCOLA: I do. I do. It's something --- I like to be controversial. I like to be at the leading edge.

FOX NEWS REPORTER: To stay ahead of the curve, Mercola gives out hundreds of pages of free information on his website.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Another piece of misinformation. I told this reporter several times that we had over 100,000 pages of free information on the site. And what does he say on the air? "Hundreds." More distortions and lies.

And then, they show our staff in this video clip, and they make it appear that these are the people who are writing our content. I never told them that. What they are showing is a portion of our customer service team. For our customer service team, we hired 50 people to make sure that we give outstanding service.

In fact, we've implemented a survey. If you've bought anything on our site, you will notice that we have actively encouraged you to rate us, to give us feedback, to let us know how we're doing, and I've got to tell you the results of this feedback. You can rate us from 0 to 10, and we find that 75% of the feedback that we get from people who connect with us are rating us 9 or 10; that's excellent, stupendous, outstanding service. We are absolutely committed to providing you incredible service.

FOX NEWS REPORTER: ….. which has several staffers, updating full time. To pay for that, he hawks products full time too.

DR. MERCOLA: Any non-stick surface will have the same consequences.

FOX NEWS REPORTER: Not just supplements, but even things like Teflon-free, cooking pans.

DR. MERCOLA: One of the recommendations I give to people is, if they're having a bizarre, medical symptom, to just try getting rid of your non-stick cookware.

FOX NEWS REPORTER: A business venture, you may notice, not unlike the for-profit, pharmaceutical industry he criticizes.

DR. MERCOLA: It costs us millions of dollars to provide this infrastructure to do this, and we need to sell products to subsidize that process, and it's just like any other business, and that's what we do.

FOX NEWS REPORTER: Well, it's just like the pharmaceutical companies.

DR. MERCOLA: It's, you know ---- absolutely.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

I made a critical mistake here. As I said previously, I had a pre-existing relationship with the reporter, incidentally, and I thought I was on friendly turf. Had I realized the exact opposite was true, I would have never answered the question, to allow the producer to conveniently edit out and delete what I said right after I answered this, which was an explanation of the fact that, although there are similarities, the drug companies are selling products, drugs, that can kill tens of thousands of people a year. And in fact, in the case of Vioxx, 60,000 people were killed from taking that drug.

I've got to ask you: How many people are dying from taking natural supplements? In a year, that number is probably single digits or lower.

FOX NEWS REPORTER: Medical maverick or on-line opportunist? Say what you want. His message is hitting your home computer.


"…… need to do some cleaning in your body."

FOX NEWS REPORTER: Dr. Mercola says, three or four million new viewers check out his website every month, 60 million web customers a year. Business is good enough that he's now planning to move from his cramped, Schaumburg offices that you saw there, to a new 35,000 foot facility soon.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Well, folks, I learned my lesson. I will never give another interview to FOX News because their slogan, "Fair and balanced," is more truthfully, "Distortion and deception." And if you don't believe that, I would encourage you to visit this link that we just put on our site that's an hour-and-15-minute video that reviews the long-reported history that FOX News has of bias and their inability to tell the truth accurately.

Now, is FOX News the only media that's doing this? Certainly not. But they seem to be leading the pack.

Now, if you watch this video, I would encourage you: Do not focus on the political affiliations in that video. I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I'm an advocate for the truth, and the truth is that, every year, we are spending over $2 trillion in the U.S. alone for a fatally-flawed healthcare system that is killing hundreds of thousands of people every year, simply because they do not have the understanding, an awareness, of the alternatives to potentially-toxic and expensive medications.

It is the commitment and the mission of this site to align with other organizations to increase the awareness, the consciousness, of these types of alternatives, so that people can have access to inexpensive resources that will move them towards health and away from disease. Hopefully, you agree with this mission, and you will join us in our efforts to increase this awareness in the future.