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Amazing Video Details Conditions That Cause Bird Flu

This powerful video describes in vivid detail the treatment of chickens raised for food and its impact on human health.

The video, a culmination of a five-year investigation by PETA, details the inhumane and unhealthy conditions in which chickens are forced to live.

These conditions range from their living literally on top of each other from the time they are hatched until they die, to their being debeaked merely to prevent them from harming or killing their cage mates, largely out of distress.


Dr. Mercola's Comment:

The conditions described in this video are precisely the ones that make birds sick, and predispose them to the bird flu, as described in great detail in my book, The Great Bird Flu Hoax. Although the video is from India, similar conditions exist in many of the farms that supply chicken to the U.S. markets.

These conditions make the birds so sick that, just to keep them alive, antibiotics are typically added to their feed. This feed is also laced with pesticides.

Unlike conventional fruits and vegetables, where peeling and washing can greatly reduce the amounts of these toxins, the pesticides and drugs livestock animals get exposed to during their lives can become incorporated into their very tissues, especially their fat.

While you can cut off some of it, you may still be ingesting high amounts of toxins if you consume such foods regularly.

Hopefully, this information will make you think twice about purchasing most commercial chickens. Instead, I advise you to choose to obtain food from farmers who raise the animals humanely and allow them to roam freely.

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