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Make Better Decisions With This Simple, Uncommon and Powerful Step

Intuitions are sudden, strong judgments whose origin cannot be immediately explained.

They seem to emerge from an obscure inner force, but they actually begin with a fleeting perception that starts a mental process.

Science attempts to explain intuition as a kind of "mental matching game," in which the brain absorbs a given situation then instantaneously rifles through mental files to find the most accurate connections, based on knowledge and memories.

A well-developed intuition is a great first step toward solving problems or deciding how to proceed. To that end, anyone can improve their general interpersonal intuition if they're motivated to take a greater interest in understanding people and garnering a broad range of experiences.

Psychology Today May/June 2007

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Wouldn't it be nice to have more confidence when you are faced with the large number of important decisions that come across your desk?

Well, you can if you access the brain in your gut. The gut/brain connection has long been recognized as a tenet of physiology and medicine. Most people do not realize that over 95 percent of one of your most important neurotransmitters, serotonin, is made in your gut, NOT in your brain.

The old saying trust your gut has quite a bit of science behind it. This has been a painful lesson for me, as I tend to be overly analytical and logically seek to find an answer and arrive at a consensus of others. But what I have learned is that the more I "listen" to what my gut is telling me, the better I usually wind up.

This fascinating cover story from the latest Psychology Today confirms my experience and discusses the power of intuition in your life. It describes the delicate balancing act all of us face in making daily decisions. We all use our gut, mind and emotions in combination to make complex decisions.

Everyone has intuition, but many people have trouble trusting what they know, and so instead look outside themselves for permission or validation.

You can learn more about developing and improving your intuitive powers by reviewing some of the great articles written for our Web site by Carol Tuttle. According to Carol, accessing and developing intuition is a natural gift that you can all develop more fully.

If you trust your intuition more, you will find that many answers are already inside you, waiting to be awakened.

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