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Ron Paul Stirs Up Presidential Debate

According to an online poll posted by MSNBC, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) handily won the first debate among Republican presidential candidates.

Paul garnered higher positive ratings and lower negative numbers than any of the other nine candidates on the stage. And in an ABC post-debate Internet survey, the congressman took more than 85 percent of the votes cast.

Online polls are not scientific, and a single person may vote in one poll multiple times; doing well in such a poll is therefore not necessarily reflective of how well a campaign is actually doing. But Internet buzz is often a sign of passionate or active supporters.

Paul has a strong online presence, and his supporters admire his commitment to abolishing the IRS, his steadfast opposition to a national ID card, and his forthright tone.

ABC News May 7, 2007

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

I am surprised but delighted that U.S. Rep. Ron Paul is DEMOLISHING his competition, and had such a galvanizing effect on the first Republican presidential debate. With the advent of the Internet he really does have a serious chance of being elected president. I don't believe the powers that be counted on the enormous influence of the Internet combined with a true Patriot.

Many in the mainstream media would have you thinking otherwise. They ignore these public opinion polls based on the belief Dr. Paul's supporters have simply mastered viral marketing techniques on the Internet to create the perception of political momentum.

Nevertheless, some political strategists believe these poll numbers will bode well in the short term for Dr. Paul, a Libertarian who follows the U.S. Constitution to the letter. This could result in more attention paid to him by the mainstream media, and better success in raising campaign funds.

Here's hoping that the extra attention will also help Dr. Paul, one of the very few physicians serving in Congress, gain traction with his positions on decreasing government involvement -- and mismanagement -- in the field of health care.

If you haven't seen Ron Paul yet I included two recent videos that would help you make up your own mind about him and determine for yourself if he isn't a real Patriot.

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