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Future Robots -- The Singularity is Expected to Arrive in 13 Years

A singularity is a term that happens when the exponential growth in technology reaches a point where the consequences are completely unknown.

The AI pioneer, mathematician and author Vernor Vinge estimates that one such singularity will occur by the year 2020, and that the cause will be the creation of robots "who surpass humans in every intellectual and creative dimension."

He believes that this development is the most likely non-catastrophic outcome in the next few decades. What happens beyond that singularity, Vinge says, will be profound and unimaginable.

In the meantime, Vinge believes we'll see many more mobile robots than ever before, including ones that are equipped to be more agile and coordinated than human athletes could ever hope to be, even in open field situations.

Computerworld May 7, 2007

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics certainly offer some exciting developments. The question is, though, how both will affect our world in the future.

Seems like you won't have long to wait, according to the linked interview with Vernor Vinge. Not surprising, when you consider that businesses like Honda and Sony are already working toward making robots a ubiquitous presence in our lives.

Even more exciting to me is his notion that governmental abuses in their present form -- especially those that harm your health like the Vioxx debacle -- may disappear, thanks to the empowerment and freedom technology brings, via online networks, online databases, social networks and Web sites like Mercola.com.

All of these advantages brought about by growth of the Internet will serve to make people -- fueled by deep knowledge -- more resourceful, vigilant and diverse than any government could ever be.

I really believe that the powers currently in control of the world are not expecting the amazing forces that are being unleashed, especially with the Internet. I  remain confident that sites like Mercola.com will be instrumental in educating the masses about simple, practical and inexpensive tools that allow people like you to Take Control of Your Health.

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