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Cancer Vaccine Not Safe

New information about the human papillomavirus (HPV) cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil has raised serious questions about its effectiveness.

Although Gardasil blocked almost 100 percent of infections by two strains of HPV, it only reduced the incidence of cervical cancer precursors by 17 percent.

One possible reason is that many of the women examined to obtain this information had already been exposed to the virus. But Gardasil may also, by blocking only specific strains, allow other varieties of HPV to flourish.

The vaccine's manufacturer, Merck, has said that the vaccine reduces the number of pre-cancerous lesions caused by HPV. But some have pointed out that Merck's study was not long enough to demonstrate the vaccine's effectiveness; it only lasted three years, although it was examining a disease that can take decades to develop.

New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 356, No. 19, May 10, 2007: 1991-1993 (Free Full-Text Article)

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Dr. Mercola's Comment:

I suspect this information may prompt some state legislatures to reconsider their positions on the mandatory human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine requirements now being considered in many states all over the United States.

These findings that question the need for young girls to be vaccinated for HPV with Gardasil certainly aren't surprising to me. Drug treatments often cause more problems than they solve, and it now appears like blocking certain HPV strains may open the door to newer, more virulent strains once considered to be "minor" factors, negating any health benefit the vaccine may offer.

All this attention paid to a faulty and, perhaps, very dangerous vaccine is all the more amazing when you consider that the immune systems of most women are strong enough to beat these infections on their own. A New England Journal of Medicine study also found that the use of condoms reduces the incidence of HPV by 70 percent.

In addition to wise sexual practices, women can protect themselves from HPV by boosting their immune systems naturally by:

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