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Drug Companies Stop You From Getting Inexpensive Foreign Drugs

No doubt with the help of overwhelming lobbying from the mega-drug company cartel, the U.S. Senate voted earlier this week to end a drive that would've allowed consumer to buy cheaper prescription drugs from Canada and other countries.

The Senate attempted to save face, and have it both ways, by passing two pieces of legislation. After passing one that required the administration to certify the safety and efficacy of drugs imported to the United States from foreign countries -- a task federal officials say they cannot do -- the Senate approved another measure authorizing imported drugs made in Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Europe.

To add insult to injury, the Senate passed the comprehensive drug bill (93-1) that not only killed drug imports but gave the FDA more authority to police drug safety, a problem the agency has had for some time. Of course, the bill would fund such oversight by over-relying once again on the help of their "client base," the mega-drug companies, according to Public Citizen's Dr. Sidney Wolfe.

Folks, the amount of money the drug company cartel spends on lobbying to protect themselves from "threats" to their continuous cash flow, including the preservation and extension of exclusive drug patents, is, in a word, obscene.

There's no reason at all for you to risk your health or life on a flawed drug-based paradigm that does nothing more than keep the coffers of multi-national drug companies flush with cash. The better, more effective path is to find safer, healthier solutions that help your body heal without the need for potentially toxic drugs and needless procedures.

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