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Organic Can Help Fight World Hunger

You'll be wondering why most farmers still rely on conventional methods to grow the pesticide-laden foods that fill grocery stores throughout the world after reading this fascinating study that argues a large shift to organic agriculture can help the world not only protect and improve the environment, but help world hunger too.

That's the short version of the results reported in a Danish study which estimated few ill effects on food security for sub-Saharan Africa if just half of the regions exporting foods in Europe and North America made the switch to organic farming. The report also cites recent models of an organically grown, global food supply that show the more environmentally friendly approach to agriculture is capable of producing enough food for the world's current population.

What prevents many farmers from making the move to organic: Crop yields could drop as high as 50 percent in the beginning before evening out over time. That problem may be mitigated somewhat because farmers wouldn't need to dole out precious money for toxic pesticides that can create so many devastating health problems.

Until that day comes, if it ever does, your best bet for your health is to stay away from processed foods and conventionally raised meats, and take advantage of local sources as often as you can for your organic foods.

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