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Origins of Autism

You may be familiar with the work of Dr. Boyd Haley, who chairs the University of Kentucky's chemistry department and is one of America's foremost experts in the field of mercury toxicity as it relates to the plague of autism harming our children.

Dr. Haley makes an even more compelling case for the toxicity of mercury in this short and powerful video from Autism Media.


Dr. Mercola's Comment:

If you have any experience with autism you will know it is not a pretty picture. I have treated many hundreds of autistic children and most of them would tear up our office on their first visit and want to destroy nearly everything in sight unless they were carefully monitored and supervised.

However, by their second visit they were typically much better because they had applied the simple dietary principles that we teach, which are the foundation for addressing much of the dysfunction that is present.

Unfortunately, most parents rely on clueless doctors to help them treat the condition and they never experience improvement.

The good news is that there are skilled physicians out there and wonderful support networks that can help autistic children regain most, if not all, of their functioning. There are also a number of pioneers in this field and Dr. Boyd Haley is certainly one of them.

Dr. Haley got involved with the issue of mercury and autism after a number of parents of autistic children contacted him. They had heard about a proposal he'd made to a group of physicians studying Gulf War Syndrome (actually a variant of Lou Gehrig's disease).

French soldiers who weren't vaccinated didn't suffer from the illness, while American and British soldiers given a vaccine were more susceptible to it -- and the susceptible ones were not necessarily those who had served in Iraq or Saudi Arabia. In Haley's estimation, if vaccines triggered Gulf War Syndrome, the mercury-based preservative thimerosal was the likely candidate.

After being flown to conference after conference, Haley soon came to be deeply involved in the controversy over this vital health issue. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) claims that thimerosal is no problem at all, and that research into its connection to autism should be set aside for "other promising avenues" of research.

Of course, the IOM has never bothered to identify exactly what these "other promising avenues" are.

Dr. Haley called anyone who would deliberately expose a child to toxins like thimerosal and render them incapable of having a full life a criminal. After watching this video, I'm sure you'll agree with that assessment.

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