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Interesting Thoughts About the Pursuit of Happiness

Changing your thinking or belief systems to manifest happiness is certainly an important part of the process of becoming truly happy.

However, as the author of the linked essay below deftly points out, that's akin to putting the cart before the horse. Instead, the essay posits, happiness has an opportunity to blossom when you get better control over your attention first.

However, even controlling your attention, according to the author, isn't enough. The other critical element in this pursuit of happiness is expanding your own awareness by making shifts in your perspective that allow you to better embrace acceptance, love, compassion and respect.

Taking control of your attention, but not shifting your perspective to encompass this range of acceptance, love and other things, will only limit your emotional experience of happiness. And it isn't easy, because, as the author describes it, consciously directing your mind can be a bit like chipping away at a thick sheet of ice surrounding your heart and mind.

Happiness May 15, 2007

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

I previously ran an article about the negative subjective impressions we attach to problems that have great power to make us sick, if we let them take hold. This interesting essay takes a different approach to happiness, from the aspect of taking better control of it.

However, recently I realized I will have to start delegating FAR more of my activities if I am ever going to achieve this mission. This will be a challenge as I am having so much fun now, but I know it is part of the plan.

Happiness is important for many reasons, beyond the obvious fact that most people would prefer to be happy rather than not. In addition, there is little doubt about the powerful effects positive emotions can have on your physical health and well-being. At the same time, there is equally little doubt about the effects that negative emotions can have on you.

Happiness will not only protect your body from stressors that can lead to coronary heart disease, but it can even boost your immune system's ability to fight off the common cold.

Last week I learned of another fascinating perspective on happiness. It is just far too nebulous a term. For most everyone, it is virtually impossible to define an activity that truly makes you happy. So I want to share with you a new definition that nearly everyone will easily grasp and apply.

Happiness can more accurately be identified by your brain as whatever gets you excited. It is what makes you JUMP out of bed in the morning with eager anticipation to start your day. Once you identify that activity, whatever it is, you can start having your mind focus on what it is so you can structure you life to do more of that.

For me it is easy. My mission is to catalyze the change of the entire fatally flawed health paradigm. That is why "working" 100+-hour weeks for many, many years has really never been a problem.

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