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Deceptive Ads Promoting Milk as Weight-Loss "Cure" End

Even with the pending flood of organic milk hitting a grocery store near you very soon, the dairy industry won't be profiting from erroneous claims that drinking pasteurized milk can help anybody loss weight, thanks to a Federal Trade Commission ruling late last week.

The Body by Milk campaign that was overseen by the USDA (featuring teen-oriented ads with baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez and singer Carrie Underwood) was called "ridiculously misleading" by noted nutritional expert Marion Nestle. No doubt, it was probably allowed to hang around far longer than it should have, however, no thanks to excessive lobbying by the dairy industry.

An interesting factoid about this news story worth noting: The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), led by Dr. Neal Barnard, led the charge to have this campaign killed. If that group doesn't ring a bell with you, it's the very same one who terribly distorted the facts behind the death of Dr. Robert Atkins.

Fact is, the PCRM's agenda is nearly as health-harming as that of the multi-national drug cartel because it promotes vegan eating habits, no good for two-thirds of the population based on their body's unique nutritional type.

As far as making the right dairy choices for your health, stick with raw milk, one of the best foods you could ever consume.

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