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Anesthesia: The Newest Alzheimer's Risk Factor

Add exposure to commonly inhaled anesthetics -- a virtual certainty for anyone undergoing surgery -- to the growing list of risk factors for Alzheimer's, a disease expected to double in size worldwide by obesity -- that destroy nerve cells and cause the cognitive and behavioral problems associated with Alzheimer's.

A recent University of Pennsylvania study found inhaled anesthetics can also trigger the production of beta amyloid, as researchers learned when they exposed older mice, genetically modified to express the peptide, to low-moderate concentrations of anesthesia for two hours a day over five days.

Scientists speculate anesthetics do exist that don't worsen a patient's risks of Alzheimer's, but haven't found one yet. In the meantime, do your best to stay away from the scalpel, as more people die from mistakes made in the realm of conventional medicine than from stroke, cancer or accidents.

And, there are many safer and completely natural options at your fingertips that can prevent the onslaught of Alzheimer's, like starting an exercise program, following my nutrition plan and paying close attention to avoid sugar.

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