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Don't be Fooled by Pepsi's Deceptive Marketing Tricks

PepsiCo has created an official "government looking" symbol that they place on products they deem especially "healthy." The "Smart Spot" symbol is a green circle with a white check mark, surrounded by the slogan "Smart Choices Made Easy."

Pepsi's "Smart Spot" Web site touts that they are "committed to helping Americans lead healthier lives," by supplying them with the means of quickly and efficiently being able to identify "smarter choices."

The "Smart Spot" symbol is an official-looking seal of approval reminiscent of the Heart Association's check mark symbol.


Associated Content May 22, 2007

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

This symbol is surely bound, and intended, to confuse many. It is colored a healthy green, and designed to make you think that you are consuming something healthy.

But don't be fooled. Products displaying the Smart Spot symbol meet nutrition criteria based on FDA standards and recommendations that have already proven to be ruled by the almighty dollar, rather than concern for your welfare.

"Smart Spot" products include over a hundred products like tooth-eroding Gatorade, aspartame-laden Diet Pepsi drinks, and heavily processed snacks.

Aspartame is one of the most dangerous substances added to foods, with side effects like migraines, seizures, nausea, weight gain, depression, and insomnia, just to mention a handful out of about 90 recorded health problems. Aspartame is also one of the culprits in triggering chronic illnesses like brain tumors, Parkinson's disease and diabetes.

Baked! Lay's also carry the "Smart" symbol, as it meets the "healthy" criteria of being cholesterol and trans fat free, with 1.5 grams of fat. Of course, this completely ignores the dangerous levels of the cancer-causing chemical acrylamide in these chips.

Leading you to believe you're doing something beneficial to your health by chomping on potato chips or chugging down Diet Pepsi is beyond irresponsible.

However, remember that the responsibility of multi-national food giants is NOT to you, but to their shareholders. Their goal is to make a profit. Of course, they realize that if they really harm you that will jeopardize their long-term profits, but most of these giants cannot see beyond the profits of the current quarter. Long-term consequences are a foreign concept to most of them.

Fortunately, you don't have to be fooled and deceived, because this newsletter helps to serve as an advance warning for most of the deceptive ploys that they will seek to fool you with.

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