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Time to Upgrade Your Brain? Fun and Easy Ways to Maximize Your Unlimited Brain Power

Although it may be true you only use a fraction of your brain at any point in time, there's still plenty you can do to maximize your virtually unlimited brain power.

Physical exercise is one obvious recommendation that never fails, but the Ririan Project lists another 33 simple, no-nonsense strategies to unleash your brain's capacity for learning.

Some are classics like organizing your space for mental work, as cluttered surroundings lead to cluttered thoughts and reinforce the chaos. Or, always start by learning the basics, before moving on to more challenging aspects of your project. Other basic, but great, ideas include:

  • Think and learn holistically, by relating everything you learn to things you already know. This creates a web of information where each part reinforces the other.

  • Pay undivided attention to whatever it is you want to be able to recall later, as multi-tasking reduces the amount of information you will remember.

  • Give yourself deadlines. Often you will find you can accomplish more in less time than you thought.

  • Squelch those negative thoughts! Happy, hopeful thoughts have an overall calming effect on the brain, helping it work more efficiently.

Reducing or eliminating prescription and over-the-counter drugs is also one of the best things you can do to boost brain capacity. Drug interactions and side effects from pharmaceuticals can have a devastating impact on your brain function and memory.

Ririan Project, May 22, 2007

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