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Finally a Simple and Easy Alternative to Dangerous Microwave Ovens

Today, I'm going to show you how to cook a whole roast chicken in less than half the time it would take in a regular oven. I roast a lot of whole chickens, and one of the things that's always frustrated me is the amount of time that they take to cook, at least a couple of hours in the oven for the average chicken. I don't know about you, but I don't like standing around waiting for two hours for my dinner to cook. So I was very excited when I discovered the Aroma Oven, a fantastic invention.

It's a little convection oven. In case you don't yet know the difference between a convection oven and a regular oven (which I didn't, I must admit), a convection oven pulls in air from the outside, heats it up and then churns it all around the food inside. Whereas, a regular oven just heats up the air that's already in it. So, the convection oven can cook food a lot faster and a lot more evenly than a regular oven can.

The Aroma Oven is a fantastic piece of equipment. Don't just use it for chicken, but for all kinds of things, even defrosting. It's very, very reasonably priced, and it's available at Mercola.com. So I heartily recommend that you go and check it out.

Delectable, Aroma-Oven-Roasted Whole Chicken:


  • 1 whole chicken (5-pound chicken in this case)


  • Aroma Oven


  1. Remove giblets from inside chicken, wash chicken well in cold, fresh water, inside and out, and pat dry.
  2. Wash hands, sink and surrounding area thoroughly.
  3. Place chicken in Aroma Oven, and place lid on top, pushing handle down. This turns oven on.
  4. Set to 400° F.
  5. Set cooking timer for 10 minutes per pound (50 minutes for 5-pound chicken in video)
  6. In 50 minutes (or 10 min per pound), you'll see what a fantastic, beautifully-browned, crisp, evenly cooked, lovely, moist, tender chicken you'll have, all thanks to the Aroma Oven.

That's it! It's incredibly simple! I haven't done anything technical to the chicken. I've just put it in there. I'm not a great believer in stuffing chickens full of garlic and butter and bits and bobs and ends. It takes far too long, and I can never tell the difference afterwards anyway. You may feel differently, but there you go. That's just me. Oh well, dinner time! Gotta go!