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How to Annihilate E-Mail Overload

I frequently get anywhere from 150 to 200 e-mails a day, and going through them tends to consume a large portion of my time. I suspect this e-mail overload is affecting a lot of you, too, and I’m always on the lookout for tips to managing e-mail quickly, but still effectively.

This LifeHack.org article has some excellent tips to keep e-mail from managing your life, such as:
  • You don’t need to respond to every e-mail
  • You must set time limits (15 to 30 minutes) on your e-mail, because you simply can’t spend ALL day doing it
  • You should filter your e-mails into three categories: important, reports/information, others
  • You should schedule times to e-mail, once, twice or up to three set times a day
Meanwhile, for more simple tips on dealing with your e-mail, be sure to check out my recent video on How to Radically Reduce the Time You Spend on E-mail. It covers a great, time-saving strategy that I learned about in Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss -- an excellent book if you’re interested in reducing the amount of things you're doing in life, while still being able to achieve your goals.